Monday, February 11, 2013

28 day challenge - day 9, 10, 11 favorites

Exercise, vegan, yadda yadda yadda.

Here are some highlights from the past few days.

Thanksgiving-style pita pockets. I thought were delish, Jefferson thought had too much cranberry. I microwaved the sweet potato and smashed it into the other ingredients. The recipe is a little vague on what to do with the ingredients, so I improvised. Next time, I will cook the carrot as well.
brussels sprouts

Shredded brussels sprouts and apples. My friend, Georgia, braved this one with me. I used field roast apple sausage instead of tofu, and golden delicious apples because that was what was on sale. It was delicious, and super quick to make.

peanut butter + banana ice cream
with apple-oatmeal cookie

With that dinner, I made banana-almond butter ice cream. I only had one banana, but I used the called-for amount of almond butter (peanut butter) and I thought it was a little bit chewy. I made oatmeal cookies for an almost cookie sandwich dessert.


The last favorite was the vegan breakfast tacos I made on Saturday for breakfast. Jefferson and I used to make breakfast tacos with corn tortillas, hash browns, morningstar bacon (which is not vegan. :-( ), and eggs. I made him the usual breakfast taco, but subbed mine with roasted grape tomatoes and bell pepper, smart bacon (which is vegan), and avocado.


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