Friday, February 8, 2013

28 day challenge - day 5, 6, 7, 8

No! I didn't fall off the wagon. I just fell off the blogging wagon!

On day 5, we had a super early morning run/walk. When I came home, I made vegan biscuits and had peanut butter on them. My dear husband made me some cut up fruit on the side. For lunch, I made these crazy bean pizzas with fake cheese sauce. They were delicious, especially on the whole wheat tortillas. I brought some veggies for dinner, since Tuesday's are my long day at school.

On Wednesday (day 6), I did yoga at the studio for the AM workout. I had hot cereal for breakfast, again with fruit. I made some ramen for lunch, with udon noodles and some green onions. It was a little plain - I usually put an egg in it, and I was definitely missing that flavor. For dinner, I made a vegan sausage and wild rice pilaf.  The Field Roast brand sausage was delicious - I got apple sage to try, and it was better than most meat sausages I've had. and I LOVE sausage.

On Thursday, I had the run/walk again. It was super cold (my car was still frozen when I left!). When I came back, I had cereal and coconut milk yogurt for breakfast. After breakfast, I had my regular yoga class (still going even though I'm doing this 28 day thing!). For lunch, I made potato leek soup. I added kale and avocado to mine, J added bacon bits to his. I had some chips and salsa with black beans for dinner.

Today, so far, I went to pilates this morning. I had cereal and soy milk for breakfast, leftover potato leek soup for lunch (with kale and avocado again!), and a couple of vegan cupcakes (I used beet juice to tint the frosting!).

I'm really starting to fall into a stride with this vegan thing. I really like the taste of soy milk and especially the coconut milk yogurt. The whole wheat flour is delicious, and I could pretty much live off oatmeal. For a few days I felt like I was missing something, but I'm feeling okay now. I still wouldn't say no to a melty piece of cheese, and when someone mentioned McDonalds earlier, I nearly cried. But I'm feeling strong (and losing weight!) and I'm generally excited about the whole thing.


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  1. I love soy milk, too! I used to drink cans of the Vietnamese stuff with my friends after school. Happy times!