Sunday, April 14, 2013

new weekly series: spinning sundays

To keep this blog up, I am going to start a few different weekly series.

Spinning Sunday's will be posted every Sunday (duh). I'll post a photo of what I'm currently spinning, and anything else interesting that happened during that weeks spinning.

spinning photo 
This first week, I'm working on some merino. I have 2oz of this color, and 2 oz of a complementary color that I will ply together. I don't have any plans for this one yet, and it'll probably be around a worsted weight when it's plied. I've been spinning it a bit thicker than I usually do for a 2 ply.

There is definitely a series of steps that a person goes through when learning how to spin. First, you start of super bulky with hardly any twist (or too much twist). Then, you gradually learn how to thin it down, but a lot of your yarn is thick and thin (inconsistent). Once you finally get some consistency, you forget how to spin thick. And you start to wish you could do bulky or thick and thin yarns again. So you re-teach yourself how to do it.. but on purpose, this time.
So I'm at the consistent stage. I can get a pretty consistent, thin yarn, but now I'm working on spinning for a weight on purpose. One of the things I've been trying to do (this is going to sound strange) is listen to the yarn. Let the yarn be the weight it wants to be. Once I stopped fighting it, I find it's easier to be consistent.


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