Monday, April 15, 2013

new blog series - meatless mondays

lemon tofu
Ok, I know. I feel like I'm cheating a little bit by participating in meatless mondays. But it's important. There are hoards of articles about environmental and health benefits of cutting meat for one day a week. For me, being vegan has really helped balance my stress level - and for most, monday is the day of most stress. Plus, it's a good day to start the week off, and re-evaluate what you're eating the rest of the time. Even if I just inspire one person to participate in meatless mondays, it's enough for me. (and, of course, I'm meatless all the time. and animal-productless).

So tonight, in homage, I made one of our favorite meat meals. Lemon chicken. I used to have this recipe memorized, I made it so frequently. Tonight, I made a few substitutions - obviously. I used tofu triangles instead of chicken, and I used ener-g egg replacer for the egg in the batter. I didn't like the ener-g very much, it made the batter a little spongy. The more well-cooked pieces tasted less spongy, so I stuck with those. Jefferson didn't notice.

To meatless mondays!


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