Monday, April 22, 2013

meatless mondays - kung pao tofu

Tonight I made kung pao tofu.

I'd share the recipe, but it was really more of an un-recipe. I looked through some recipes, realized I didn't have any of the ingredients, and decided to wing it.

I started with cutting the tofu into tiny squares, and then putting it in an oiled pan to get brown. Once browned on both sides (mine wasn't perfect, but the browner it is, the more it will be crispy, and Jefferson will like it), I mixed in some pepper, and a tablespoon of Trader Joe's brand serrano salsa. I mixed it up, and then added a handful of diced cashews, red spring onions, and yellow bell peppers.

I stirred it around for a few minutes until the onions and peppers were starting to get soft. Then, I added a squirt of Bragg's amino acids. You can use soy sauce if you'd like - I think the Bragg's is less salty. At this point, it still wasn't as hot as I wanted, so I added more pepper, and some crushed red pepper flakes, and let it sit and meld for a few minutes. Then I realized it was too hot! So I added just about a half tablespoon of brown sugar to even it out. The brown sugar also mellows some of the saltyness from the sauce.

I let it sit until the rice was done, a couple minutes more. Then we devoured.


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