Sunday, April 21, 2013

spinning sundays!

I did not spin at all this week. I just ran out of time.

So here is a yarn that I recently finished. It's 2 ply, which means I had two separate pieces that I twisted together. That's why the colors change, and it looks like a barber pole in some places.

I used a technique with this one called fractal plying. You can see the process in the second photo. You start with the whole prepared fiber, and rip it in half down the middle (trying to be as accurate as possible). Put one to the side, and with the other, rip it in half and then rip each half in half.

Then you spin one whole half, and spin the other 4 pieces and ply them together. Makes for bright color changes and it's great for colors that are complementary on the color wheel.


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