Thursday, January 31, 2013

january obsessions

Note: This will be my once-a-month post about my obsessions for the previous month.

The Kind Diet 
1) The kind diet. A friend recommend it as a good starting point for my jump into my vegan-month challenge. This is a great book. I've been vegetarian on and off in my life, and I've read all the books about animal cruelty and waste and how gross it is to eat animal stuff. For some reason, I was able to turn my back and go back into the chicken. This book is a little different. It's definitely more personal, in a way, but it also allows people to waver back and forth. In fact, a third of the recipes in the book are reserved for the waverers (is that a word? oh well). The other two thirds are for strictly vegans, and, what Alicia Sliverstone calls, "superheros." It's kind of inspiring to have a step backwards AND a step forwards for what I'll be eating and how I'll be living my life.

2), and more specifically, my friend Stacey's shop, Brazen Stitchery. Stacey has the cutest dyed yarn, and it's on the most amazing bases. I finally (through trading and buying) have acquired enough yarn to start working on a fingering weight sweater. She also has a bunch of totally adorable drawstring bags, and even though I can make my own, I use one of hers for my go-to yarn bag!

3) Twists! Soft back twists during yoga stretches are. amazing. I missed yoga this week, since I was subbing, and my back is sore because of it. I can't wait to start the challenge tomorrow and get into yoga more and more.


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