Monday, January 21, 2013

craft room organization and a new blog

Oh procrastination. You make us do silly things - things like create new blogs that our DH and BFF's have been begging for.

This story actually starts a few months ago. I saw these online, and decided I must have them. The only issue is that they're $45 for a bundle of 50 and I'd probably need a million or so - ya know, give or take a hundred thousand. So I searched for reasonable cardboard substitutes, and have been happily cutting up boxes ever since.
The orange shelf!
Original twitter photo. 

Until a few weeks ago. A friend of mine posted this lovely shelf on twitter with an explanation of first-come first-serve. I jumped on it. I was very content to leave it on the floor of the living room, but DH insisted it found a more permanent home.

Into the craft room it went.

Last year I painted one wall of the craft room green, to give it some more color. It's actually part of the garage, which was turned into a half office/half laundry room. I stole the office part (sorry hubby), and it's always had a very.. underground feel. It's cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It is plain. There is one window, but not a lot of natural light. So all the things I've been bringing in to hang on the walls and the one wall I painted have been to brighten it up.

Enter the orange shelf! Fits perfectly in the corner, and I've started to wrap up some fabric and fill it up already.

Ahh fabric love on an orange shelf.
And look! < the green wall! 
It's really the little things that make us happy.


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