Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the perfect peach

mixing! looks like cereal.. mmm. 
Jefferson brought me home this new cookbook from the Masumoto family. He's reviewing the book for Fresno Life Magazine, and was able to sneak away with a press copy.

The cookbook seems very lovely, and filled with (duh) peach recipes. I can't wait to go through and "veganize" each and every one of them (except the ones that can't really be veganized - i.e. peach/mozzarella, peach/prosciutto).

food processor mixing is the best!

I started today with peach scones. Earlier, in the Fresno Bee, there was a yummy photo (but no recipe!) of apricot scones, and I've been craving scones all day. I stopped at WF on the way home from school to get some peaches/apricots.

I only had to make a few adaptations to the recipe - I used fresh peaches instead of dried, soy milk instead of whole milk, earth balance instead of butter, and flax seed egg instead of regular egg. I also used all whole wheat flour - so after it was all mixed, I let it sit for a half hour. Whole wheat flour takes longer to soak up the wet ingredients. (Thanks, America's Test Kitchen!)

 In the photos you'll be able to see how I folded it into a disk (if you've never made scones before), and the before/after cooking photos. MMMMM.

before cutting/cooking 
peach scones! all done!
Next time, I think I'll use yellow peaches (I like white peaches better, but I think yellow ones cook better), and a little bit of orange zest.


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