Sunday, December 1, 2013

making throw pillows from old pillows - a photo tutorial.

I had this crazy thought today that I could cut an old pillow in half, sew up the ends, put a pillowcase on it, and it would be a throw pillow.

It's a good thing we had some really old, beat up pillows to practice with.

So that's exactly what I did.

ooh I made a pillow! and you can too!
It's pretty easy - just cut your pillow in half... 
cut the pillow!
stuff the stuffing in, and sew up the side - this is the part that requires the most fanegaling. It's okay if your stuffing is really packed in, because it'll relax again once you're done sewing it.   
sewing up the side
And make a pillowcase - I made an envelope style pillowcase. Just measure your pillow (mine was 13x17), add 1in to either side and cut one piece of fabric that size (14x18 for me) and cut another piece the same height but longer width (I cut mine 14x24, which is the width of the fabric). 
Cut the longer piece in half. On the long side, fold over a half inch, and then do it again. This makes the hem. Sew the hem, and do the same to the other half. 

sew the hem
Put the right sides together, with the two hems overlapping in the middle of the pillowcase. Sew around the edges. 

sewing sewing sewing
Flip the pillowcase right side out, and put on your pillow! Repeat with the second half of the pillow, and enjoy. 
it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays. 
Have fun with your new pillows!

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