Sunday, August 11, 2013

more about canning

The next types of jam that I've made have been just plain peach and plain nectarine. I made peach freezer jam, but I cooked and processed the nectarine jam.
sterilizing jars, jam, stir stir!, done!
I tried to buy a canning tray for my pot, but the pot is unusually narrow, so the canning tray didn't fit. I read on the Food in Jars site about this trivet, which I promptly bought (in purple). But the peaches weren't gonna wait the weekend for the trivet to be delivered, so I did freezer jam as my first batch.

dehydrated nectarines, frozen nectarines, nectarine jam
The nectarines were next. The trivet came in the mail, and so I made nectarine jam. But that only used a tiny portion of my nectarines - so I did dehydrated nectarines, and frozen slices that afternoon too. The dried ones will be great snacks for us during the semester and the frozen ones will be a giant pie in January.


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